Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fairy Tales No More

Fairy Tales No More

As a young child
I stared at the world
With wide eyed curiosity
So innocent
So naive

Fairy tales of heroes and knights alike
Conquering over the darkness and blight
Pictures painting scenes of happy endings
Sunshine and rainbows fill bright blue skies
All LIES!!!

Dreams of romance with ending of a fable
Thinking all the bads been brushed under the table
Don’t be fooled
Don’t be mislead
For the real nightmare begins
When you wake from your bed

Now you can see
The world for what is
All the stories were warnings
All the tales bore meanings

There is no magic, nor mages,
All but plagues and diseases,

No knights to come and save you,
Only soldiers that will kill you,

Not with the knife, not with the sword
All with a bullet and with the trigger,

No monsters, no demons or vampires
Just cheats, killers, rapists and liars!


Fairy tales…
There all but lies…
Hidden meanings disguised
To hide harsh realities from eyes

It’s time to sleep
With fairy tales no more…   

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