Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wasted time

its been a while so heres a short one I wrote not to long ago. Feeling time isn't on my side lately and that I need to use my time more wisely. So heres a song about an old man who wasted his life and only realized it when it was too late. HAPPY DAYS!!! !..!,

Wasted time

An old man unlucky and alone,  

Feels he’s wasted his life away.

Nothing to show for his time,

No child to care for

And none to care back.

No prayer

Ever reached the stars,

Only one

Tear touched the ground.

Frail the body now that dreamed,

Of something full, more than this

It’s a life packed full of regret,

A life still so empty

Submerged in memory

No prayer

Ever reached the stars,

Only one

Tear touched the ground.

The man who gambled his years away

Left with nothing

A cold encasement and stone awaits

No eulogy

And no second chance

No prayer

A wish too much

Only one

A dream too little

Looking in the mirror…

(No prayer…)

Realizing he’s not who he thinks…

(Only one…)

The truths bolder on the outside…

(No prayer…)

Left to die away and soon forgotten…

(Only one…)

Feel little pity with his wasted time.

Come shake the hands of the unlucky one.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Alot of the songs i've written so far have been quite serious, so I wanted a change of tone and the way i think about lyric writing. This song i think speaks alot of what i'm thinking but you have to read this is a funny voice to really get what i'm saying.
Hope you all like it.


Pick up your guitar boy and play me a tune

Like those hippies on the six o’clock news

Driven out of town by their own communion

I blame it all on the upper classes, so I say

Strangle them by their ties and swing them

Round and round and round and round

Till I’m dizzy!!!


Writing this song is so dam easy

And singing this song is even easier

Just say it in a funny voice like

Yee hah!!

But this shit don’t write itself you know!




Pluck those strings and sing me a song

No hidden meanings or I’ll just feel sick

None about politics and none about death

Don’t make me feel depressed, so I say

Make it up on the spot, make us jump

Up and down and up and down

We’ll have party!!!


Writing this song is so dam easy

And singing this song is even easier

Just say it in a funny voice like

Woo Hoo!!

But this shit don’t write itself you know!




Solo time!!!

Sing it a little louder boy!!!


Hey boy you think this shit writes itself,

It don’t you know.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

the Suns of June

The Suns of June

Scorched by the burning suns

The sky’s open all around me

Drop your weapons and lay down your guns

Then feel the sun smile back and see…

We wonder why we can’t sleep

As we stare across a lifeless wasteland

For now’s not the time to stop and weep

Hold your head up high and make a stand…

With the hourglass now half empty

I’ll refill it all one day

With each grain of sand lost in time

Is blown back in our faces

In the June time sand storm

No longer blinded by the sun

I look up to the sky and smile

Thinking about everything said and done

I know that it was all worthwhile…

With a different look In future

And I still can’t sleep at night

Always keeping it together

Holding on to this piece of starlight…

With the hourglass still half empty

I’ll replenish my life in sand  

And with each grain of sand I find

I begin to heal again

In the June time sand storm

I’ll find my way home

Bring my flock with me

One last time I’m sorry…

Forget the light in your eyes… And look upon the sky of crimson

Forget all the hate and lies… And embrace the cult of the sun

Accept the burden we bare… And stand with us in twilight

Safe, here from this nightmare… And here we’ll stay until dawn

Watch the hourglass break

The sands spill across the floor


Time finally ran out…

The rhythm… Frozen still…

The sky will never close shut in the June time sand storm that will never end!!!

But now I’m at peace

With the light upon me

In an era I like to call

The suns of June

Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Shadowed Pride

A Shadowed Pride

A child... To young…

For these burdens…

No dignity… No worth…

Forces him to grow and bare this weight

Crushed… under the disappointment.

Father why!

Too long I sat in shadow,

Tried to be everything

You wanted me to be.

Armed only with his wounds to show

Scared… deep on the inside, so cold.

Father don’t!!

Don’t scrutinize me

Swallow your pride and

Hold your breath…

Judge me no longer…

Now I will be free from control.

Hold on to every lesson learnt,

I won’t let this be again.

I curse the words you never spoke to me

And only I will define who I am,

Because I can be so much more

I just need to break away…


Made me grow up to fast,

Only to let me down and

Left me with no path to follow

Throw away your disgust.

Throw away your pride.

Take that blunt stare

Take that dead husk.

Take it all away.

I have no use for it now.

Leave in search of something,

Something that matters to me

My time to finally slip away,

To a vale far over mountains

Because there’s no love here for me…

Nothing for me here…

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Gentle Brutality

Gentle Brutality

Violent expressions speak louder than words

Changes bring something unexpected

Hold on…

Be all you can be.

Take all the hatred on the inside…

But be gentle.

Blunt your knife to soften the blow,

Show me how you forgive.

Hold on…

Take me as I am.

Lessened by the poisoned words…

But be gentle.

Come take my hand,

Relax, lean on me.

Don’t feel out of place,

Trust no one but I.

Protect you from darkness,

From the grey claws,

From the prisons riddle

Fear no more

I’ll be gentle

I’ll be gentle

I’ll be gentle

I’ll be gentle